Entry #1

Hey, I'm New

2018-01-22 11:27:18 by Adamsarttime

Hey everybody. I just wanted to intoduce myself. My name is Adam; I'm a designer trying to get back to my art roots. I created this account last year and have finally gotten around to posting some art. I can thank the Draw with Jazza monthly challenge for finaly kicking my butt into gear. Please check out my work and say hi. 




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2018-01-22 11:43:36

Welcome to Newgrounds! :)

Adamsarttime responds:



2018-01-22 12:22:09

You're pretty damn good with art, if I was souted, would scout you. :P

I did recommend you for scouting though so just have to wait. :)

Adamsarttime responds:

Thanks. I don't even know what the whole scouting thing is lol. Thanks for the recommendation!


2018-01-22 13:25:24

Hi welcome to Newgrounds you got some really good art

Adamsarttime responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it.